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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels May 8

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We left at 10.30 to drive in to Hawker, to meet my friends. We went to J and U’s home, where we received a warm welcome. U was still totally recognizable, even after all these years. Time has been kind to him.

We had coffee there and then went with them to the Sports Club, where they had duties. We chatted there, in between U serving at the bar and J organizing food.

We bought ourselves a pasty each at the Club, for lunch.

In the afternoon had a game of bowls with them – it was a fun game and we were soundly beaten! Competitive people, those! The green was not the greatest – it chopped the bowls about a bit.

J and U drove the Canning Stock Route in ’95 and are going to the Kimberley this year. They hope to go to Cape York next year. I mentioned that if they were looking for extra company for trips to remote areas – especially if they were doing the Canning again – that we would be interested. They have a Nissan Patrol and a new offroad camper trailer.

We drove back from Hawker in the dark, with our eyes straining for sheep and kangaroos on the road.

Tea was light: packet soup, toast with cheese and sardines.

In all, it was a very enjoyable day.

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