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1999 Travels May 3

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It was a lovely sunny day, much warmer than it had been at Mildura.

John decided this morning that he really did not want to worry about the state of the tyres any longer. They are the original Michelins that Truck came with, and are getting quite worn. They have covered 63,000kms – some of this towing, and some on the poor roads and tracks of Cape York, so we are happy with the performance. Back in Melbourne, we had thought they would last until we got to Alice Springs, but given the route there that we are planning, it is prudent to have them replaced now. We think a different type of tyre might now be in order for the desert and outback work we plan. I had done research in 4WD magazines, in 1997, before we started travelling, and from that we selected a tyre that reviews said performed very well on all surfaces except snow and ice – and we did not anticipate needing that! We’d had those tyres fitted to the van wheels when it was built – Olympic Overlanders.

John had gotten a quote for these when we were in Melbourne, but decided against changing over then. He went down the street here and got a local quote. This was better than the one in Lilydale! With a trade-in allowance, he could get five new tyres fitted, balanced and the like, for $790. So the change over was arranged for 8am tomorrow.

We drove to Berri, where there is a Coles and did a big fruit and veg stock up. As well, I bought some nibbly items, for our drinks session this afternoon – dips, olives.

We had a quick drive around Berri, to get an idea of what it is like.

After lunch back at the van, John went to the river to try to catch some yabbies. The yabbies had other ideas.

I cleaned up the van and organized our roast lamb dinner, ready to cook.

J and B arrived about 5.30. J is still teaching, and B has a casual job making wine storage tanks at a local winery.

We had to sit outside with our drinks and nibbles, after they had inspected the rig. They stayed a couple of hours – it eventually got a bit chilly, sitting out there.

Our roast lamb dinner was a late one – it was nearly 8pm when we sat down to eat it.

Another very pleasant day.

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