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1999 Travels April 23

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For once, we were both up reasonably early.

We set out to go back to Hattah, with a stop first at a shops complex on the highway – AutoBarn for John, who was looking for some kind of switches; I browsed in Spotlight while he was doing that.

At Hattah, we took the track north to Lake Mournpall. We ate our packed lunch at a picnic area there, where we encountered white winged choughs for the first time. They are relatives of Apostle Birds, and behave like bigger versions of same – cute.

04-23-1999 01 sneaky bird.jpg

Birds: sneaky mynahs – note one distracting John while the other attacks his lunch! There is a chough under the table.

There were lots of flies at the picnic/camp area – it might be really annoying to camp there, for that reason.

04-23-1999 02 lake mournpall.jpg

Lake Mournpall

We drove the Boolungal and Chalka Creek Tracks, eastwards, through mallee scrub and by water courses lined with river red gums.

04-23-1999 03 river red gums at Chalka Creek TRack  Hattah NP.jpg

River red gums along the dry Chalka Creek

We spent a lot of time stopped and watching out for birds, seeing about six new ones. That alone made it a great day! Saw budgerigars in the wild; a brown tree creeper; striated pardalote, Regent parrot.

It would be very interesting to experience this same area after some rain, and when creeks were running and lakes filling.


Our route through the National Park

Followed the track called the River Road back to the north, and passed lots of camp sites beside the Murray; most were empty at this time of year. This route meant that we came into Mildura a different way – more of a back way, just for some extra interest.

We stopped at Woolworths to do a food shop, so it was dark by the time we got back to the van.

I cooked fish for tea and John went out and bought chips to go with it – there were too many for us to eat, as we had to buy minimum quantity and they were generous with their serve.

Today was another most enjoyable day, where we drove about 220kms.

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