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1999 Travels April 18

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I was rather weary in the shoulders and neck, after yesterday, so had a big sleep in.

Last night was not as cold as previously, and the day was sunny and 28 degrees.

After lunch, we rode the bikes to the river and then followed it – keeping as close as we could – on tracks and roads, around to the city. It was surprising how far this was and is a measure of how much the river winds around. It was a fun ride, though a bit sandy in a few places.

04-18-1999 murray.jpg

Cycling on tracks beside the Murray River

The Apex Caravan park, by the river, looks alright, though it is in a rather “public” area.

We rode up through the centre of town and then back here, for a total of 20.2kms. So we were really weary after that.

Tea was ham and mushroom omelettes and salad. We cracked a bottle of bubbly.

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