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1999 Travels April 15

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We slept in until 10.30am. We must be exhausted from all that socializing we have been doing!

Got up to clear blue skies and a temperature of about 20 degrees.

After our late breakfast, drove to the main part of town, some 5kms away. I was aiming for the Information Centre and some shops, but John wanted to first check out the bowls club. There, he discovered that there was a mixed triples this afternoon, as well as singles on Saturday. He entered us in both! Ho hum – here we go again…..

We rushed back to the caravan park. While John got ready I made him a quick lunch, then I got ready, but had no time to eat anything.

The Mildura Bowls Club is quite a large one, at the eastern edge of town, not far from the river. John played skip, did quite well and enjoyed himself. My game was not very good; I played lead in a game of fours, organized because of surplus numbers. So I only had two bowls per end to worry about! The people were friendly enough, which is one of my main criteria for judging a club.

We were back at the van by 5.30pm. We had some beer and almonds, and then John only wanted soup for tea, so soup we had. I was quite hungry, not having really eaten all day, but couldn’t think of anything to make for just me. We have not had a chance yet to replenish our fruit and vegetable matter.

At bowls, John picked up an entry form and details for a big bowls tournament being held here in late April/early May. We may stay on here so he can play in it. I suggested he phone his brother in law to see if he was interested in coming up for it.

After tea, I started on writing a letter to our Caramut friends – by hand. I went to bed fairly early. The night was cold – it got down to 9 degrees! John played computer games till 3am.

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