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1999 Travels March 19

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We drove to my former school about 10.30am. John left me there and went on to visit his former school. There had been a bit of a comedy of errors beforehand, when John gave me a pair of his good trousers, to iron for him. I discovered they were marked and needed washing. He brought out the other pair he has with him – they too needed a wash! He had to choose the least compromised pair.

I spent most of the day in what was once “my” part of the school, and various former colleagues came to talk, as they had time. It was rather like holding court! I did not see some people that I’d hoped to – ones on leave or away for various reasons.

Spent some time talking with T about Coraki, where we’d been in our time at Evans Head, and where his mother had lived. I am to phone him about meeting up in the coming holidays for a meal.

John arrived to collect me at 4pm and he ended up having a talk with various people too. He’d enjoyed himself at Cockatoo. Overall – a good day.

It was good to see the “old” faces – but I have no pangs at all about having left! Quite the reverse, in fact.

Refuelled Truck – 64cpl. This is the cheapest fuel we have had since Qld. Truck covered 178kms today.

Fish and chips for tea.

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