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1999 Travels March 17

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We slept until 9am. It was a cool morning.

After breakfast, drove home,  where we had a great reunion with our dog and one of the cats. Butch dog was so ecstatic to see John! The other cat was not there. P came home for lunch and made us a sandwich. She said that Spook cat is never home in the day time. I suspect he does not like P’s little dog.

I told P that I planned to visit my old school – where she works – on Friday. She said some of my former colleagues had been asking if I would visit.

The garden has not been maintained as we would do it ourselves, but I guess that is to be expected of a different generation. The pool is a deep green – so much for K’s intended father-in-law helping him to maintain it! Can’t be helped now and I am not going to worry about it. It seems to be good for the local frog population, anyway.

We collected lots of mail.

Went to the local Post Office and collected my ring, sent from Rubyvale. Whilst there, paid the water accounts. They are still not right – the flat’s usage fees are still on our account. We will need to stir up both the real estate agent who handles the lease and the water authority.

Went to the library, where I borrowed a lot of books.

Then we had a practice bowls session for a couple of hours – John can’t resist!

Drove to the Chirnside Park shopping centre, where I bought Powerball tickets, chatted to the newsagency proprietors, who I have known for some years. The place is changing. It has a Target store now, and the food court area is being further developed for another supermarket.

We got back to the van about 6pm, after a full day.

Tea was soup, spag bol and then strawberries.

It is rather strange, coming back to the local area after a year’s absence. Even little changes seem to cause rather a sense of dislocation – almost a time warp thing.

It is so good to have books to read again!

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