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1999 Travels April 8

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For some time now, John and I have been throwing around ideas for where we will spend next summer – the millennial one. As with the one just past, we do not want to be where it is too hot, cyclonic, or coastal crowded. We have settled on Tasmania. I joked that if the civilized world does grind to a halt, there are worse places to be at the time!

This morning, we visited Jetset Travel in Lilydale, booked our trip to Tasmania, and paid for it. We will sail on 22 October and return on 15 April, 2000. That will give us six months, more or less, over there, and avoid the peak season high fares. Given the high cost of taking Truck and van over on the ferry, we need a good long stay there, too, to get our money’s worth.

We booked a cabin for each leg. My first ferry trip to Tasmania was almost forty years ago, on the Princess of Tasmania, and my friend and I – impoverished students at the time – only booked the chairs. Lessons learned! Bass Strait can be extremely rough, at any time of the year. Being surrounded by sea sick fellow travellers is most unpleasant. Sharing communal bathrooms in those circumstances is even more dire. Since then, I have made several more crossings – but always book a cabin! These have their own bathroom.

We paid out $1400, which included travel insurance. We deemed it wise to take this out, since the trip is so far off.

Whilst walking back to our upmarket vehicle, encountered our accountant in the street, and arranged on the spot, to see him tomorrow about taxes and finances.

Back at home, I dried some more figs.

Tea was cold roast lamb and salads.

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