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1999 Travels April 3

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Some of the men from John’s family are in the habit of participating each year in a very big tournament, on Easter Saturday, at Beaumaris club. It was on again this year.

We needed an early start to get to Beaumaris by 8.30am. John dropped me off at his sister’s place and went on to bowls.

This sister of John’s runs an art gallery in the suburb of Hampton, so I went there with her, for the morning. While she was dealing with customers, I wandered the local shops. Spent some time in a very good knitting wool shop, just browsing.

There are some beautiful bird paintings in H’s gallery. There were also two ducks on her swimming pool this morning.

H and I purchased some things for pre-dinner nibbles, then looked in on the bowling men, about 5pm. They were still playing, but were almost finished. We went back to H’s. The men eventually turned up. They were relatively happy with their performance; John, brother R and H’s husband F, plus a friend of R’s, won one game and lost two. There is big prize money attached to this tournament, so the competition is fierce.

After nibbles and drinks at H’s, we adjourned, with partners and H’s daughter and son in law, to the local Chinese restaurant, for tea. It was decided – by majority rather than consensus – that we would have the banquet, for $17 each. There was plenty of food but I thought it was only of very average standard.

It was very late by the time we got back home.

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