This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels April 10

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In the morning, I took Butch dog and the two cats to the vet, for their annual checks and injections. The cats are fine. Butch needs a tooth removed – I arranged that for Monday. It will cost about $200. Poor dog! But that is a lot more than I have ever paid to have one of MY teeth extracted!

John worked around the place all day. He took greenery and prunings to the tip – several loads. K helped a little. He seems rather grouchy – jet lag? He cleaned out the gutters. John did some too. They do not seem to have been done since we left. I cut the kiwi fruit vines back from the house and that debris went to the tip, too.

R came out to tea – in the van, with us. We had nibbles and dips, Greek style chicken breasts, potato and salad, with fresh fruit after. She brought us copies of some great wedding photos, to keep. We gave her a torch that was surplus, and my father’s old vacuum cleaner, for her flat. She brought out her computer screen, to go to our computer friend for repairs, which we will pay for. She visited with P and K too. It was a good evening.

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