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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels March 11

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The day was still fairly warm, but cloudier.

I did a load of washing, before breakfast. After breakfast, we drove up to the top shops, because I wanted to buy a Powerball ticket – there was a $15million jackpot.

John decided we should practice bowls and we did so until 1.30. By the time lunch was over, there was not time to do anything adventurous. I needed exercise, so went for a fast walk down the walk/bike path to Mogareeka Inlet – a bit over 2kms away. On the way back, I walked around some of the streets, and up the hill at the back to the lookout.

I saw lots of birds on my walk, including some yellow tailed black cockatoos.

John went fishing, around at the old jetty/landing that dates from the coastal shipping days. It is heavily used by fishing people, these days. The water is deep there. He had no luck – and no bites.

03-14-1999 tathra jetty fishermen.jpg

On Tathra Jetty. The valley in the distance is Mogareekah Inlet, though the entrance is out of picture.

I defrosted the fridge, just in case John came back with some fish requiring freezing.

I watched a wattlebird in a tree near our van. When he makes his gurgling noise, he puts his head up in the air and puffs out his chest, and chortles.

Tea was soup, sausages and vegies. Rockmelon. There are enough left over sausages to provide sandwich fillings for the next couple of days. Cold sausage sandwiches are great!

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