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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels February 23

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I had another lovely, long, early morning walk on the beach. When we move away from coastal locations, I am really going to miss this.

We pottered about through the morning. I walked to the Post Office and paid our rates installment for home, and the Telstra bill. Bought a box of 100 stamps – $45 – I use a lot doing postcards and letters.

John went to bowls in the afternoon.

I went for another long walk on the beach. I find this almost meditative, just wandering along, letting my thoughts go where they will, and living in the moment.

02-24-1999 Woolgoolga seas.jpg

On the beach at Woolgoolga

I made Irish stew for tea, boiling lamb BBQ chops with potatoes, onion, carrots and peas and when the meat is falling off the bones, thickening it all with some flour and milk. It was a favourite meal of mine, growing up – not elegant, but tasty. Followed it with the ever reliable fruit.

John stayed up till late, playing his computer game.

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