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1999 Travels February 21

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There was more blue sky today, but it was still a little cool; in other words – very pleasant!

I went for a walk on the beach, in the morning, while John was still sleeping.

Upon returning, had a long chat with our current van neighbours,  as one often does. They are from Armidale, having a break at the coast. Gregarious people. Turns out she worked at UNE and knew my ex-husband there – did not seem impressed.

Took Truck out and got fuel – 75cpl.

We went for a small drive – to Corindi  and Red Rock in the Yuraygir National Park, just to the north of here. The village of Red Rock is where the Corindi River enters the sea. We admired the view of the coast from Corindi Headland, then went for a walk on the surf beach at Red Rock. Drove around a little and looked at the river inlet and the lake area at its mouth. We decided that Red Rock is a very scenic place, but it is a drab little village.


02-21-1999 view sth from Coramba Head.jpg

The outlook from Corindi Headland

02-21-1999 red rock np.jpg

Red Rock

02-21-1999 red rock sea.jpg

Red Rock – Yuraygir National Park

Our little outing only took us 35kms.

We had to be at the local bowls club at 5pm. for a game. I played adequately; John was not really happy with his game. In the first game, we beat one of the fishing men from the van behind us; in the second game we played the other – and lost. Afterwards, we won $5 each in a draw of the losing teams. Again, there was Chinese snacks and chips for supper, so we did not have anything else when we got back to the van, later.

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