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1999 Travels February 10

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We pottered about in the morning. I had a book I wanted to finish reading before returning it to the Library this afternoon.

After lunch, went for a drive to Coraki, to have a look at the historic river wharf precinct there.

Coraki dates from the 1840’s, initially developing as the site of a small shipyard and port for the timber cutters of the district. It is at the junction of the Richmond and Wilson Rivers and at one time, before rail and road transport were established,  its port was an extremely busy one. Sugar cane growing on the rich river flats began from the 1860’s and there was also a thriving dairy industry. Alternative transport saw the port decline, and Lismore became the main service centre for the district.

I had an extra interest in seeing Coraki because friend T comes from these parts, and his mother lived in the town until her death a few weeks ago.

We saw some splendid old buildings, but there are only photos of the wharf that was once here. It is similar to photos of the Echuca wharf, with steamers on the river.

The Richmond River was noticeably higher than we have seen it before, with lots of branches and small tree pieces floating down it – like small green islets.

Filled with diesel in Coraki – 71cpl.

We returned along the eastern side of the river.

Went for a last walk on the beach. There was less sticky foam today and it was mostly up around the 4WD access point. Unfortunately, as we were walking near there, a gust of wind blew a pile of it our way and we had to wade thigh deep through it. Yuk. There were a few fishers. We saw a 40kg jewfish/mulloway one man had caught – it was immense. It took him forty minutes to play and land it. Another caught one was taken by a shark as it was being pulled in.

After the walk, we managed to take the annexe roof down, dry, between the usual showers.

Tea was barley soup I made this morning, a vegie stir fry and rice, with rock melon after.

Watched cricket on TV – a one day final.

I am quite ready to leave here and look for better weather to the south. Exploring the district has been interesting, but time for somewhere drier.

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