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1999 Travels February 6

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Today was a moderately sunny day, but still quite windy.

I walked to the shop for the weekend paper and we read that for a while.

After an early lunch, we drove to Ballina, taking the most direct route, through Broadwater National Park.

Found our way through Ballina to a place beside the Richmond River mouth, where we could park and then walk out on the sea wall at the river entrance. The waves were still big, and were crashing on the rocks at the base of the sea walls. These are long – it is a big river. We walked out on the wall and watched the waves for a while.

Ballina seems just an ordinary seaside “resort” town. There are several caravan parks. The large chain one looks ok – for future reference. However, the small settlements along the coast, north of Ballina, may be equally good for a stay sometime.

We drove up to the Headland lookout and watched the sea for a while. When it is rough like this, it is quite mesmerizing.

02-06-1999 ballina breakwall rough seas.jpg

Rough seas at Ballina

There are good bike paths in Ballina.

Returned to camp the way we had come, in time to cook roast pork for tea, with roasted potato, pumpkin, parsnip, and beans. It was an excellent meal – the pork was quite lean.

Today’s outing was 100kms. Evans Head is really quite central for a lot of looking around the area.

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