This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels January 15

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John decided last night that the video machine had developed a fault, so he wanted to take it to the repair place. He did not want me to navigate because he thought he knew the way. He did not – and then got cross!

We did a small shop on the way back from the video repair place, after leaving the machine there. I bought a small ham on the bone – cheap post Xmas surplus stock.

After lunch, I went to the doctor and had the freckle thing on my face checked – nothing untoward, thankfully. I am very relieved about that. I should use sun screen on my face more than I do, I know.

Drove back to pick up the video machine, late in the afternoon. They could not find anything wrong with it and said the problem would have been with the rented tape.

Went for a short walk around the streets.

For a change, we bought pizzas for tea, which were very nice.

Watched cricket on TV at night. Australia beat England.

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