This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels January 8

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We used the alarm to get ourselves up at 7.30am, in order to play morning bowls at the Drayton club. It was a pairs event, and John and I played together. We lost the game – by 16! I played very poorly. John was alternately brilliant and erratic. We did not seem to have much luck, either. It was not an enjoyable morning.

After lunch back at the van, we drove to the dental place, to get the tooth reattached to its bridge. While that was being done, we went to the Central shops and walked around for a couple of hours. Checked for mail – there was a birthday card for me and Xmas card from R – rather late!

The tooth repair was excellent – my front teeth are all back to normal. It only cost $30, which I thought was very reasonable.

Back to the van, where John watched the cricket.

We ordered Domino’s pizzas for tea, and very nice they were, too.

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