This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels December 29

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The humidity is building again.

We went for a drive. Ventured down the Range – very steep. The several run out areas for trucks that lose their brakes is an indication of the nature of the Range descent!  I guess my children got very used to this road, back in the days when they were visiting their father, in these parts, at holiday times. Not sure we will ever want to tow the van down here, though.

We went to a large roadside fruit and veg stall at the bottom of the Range, and bought some produce.

Drove back to Picnic Point to have a look at where we had been, and went for a short walk there. John was listening to the cricket on his little radio and was not really wanting to walk.

Drove back into town and parked near the water gardens along the creek and walked there. Lots of ducks had congregated by the water.

I made toasted (well, electric frypanned) ham and cheese sandwiches for our late lunch. We were then too full for tea – just had a few nuts.

John played late on the computer.

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