This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels November 29

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It was a hot morning. I got up at 6.30am; John slept till 9am.

After breakfast, we set up the scanner on the bench in the van, and worked on scanning some photos we could use to make our own Xmas card, based on this year’s travels. We have so much material, it seems a shame not to use it in some way.

Left at 12.45 to go to bowls. We played on a grass green which I found very hard to adjust to, after the synthetic green of Atherton. My bowls were all over the place. John did better. It was very humid, and cloud built up during the day.

I made a Chinese recipe book meal for tea – beef, baby bok choy (instead of the water spinach specified by the recipe) and Szechuan pepper. With rice, it was an excellent meal.

I phoned home and spoke to P. K was out. Let her know we’d moved on.

It was spitting rain by 9pm, with much sheet lightning in the distance. But there was no heavy rain to clear the air and it stayed a bit too hot for comfort through the night.

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