This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels November 25

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It was very humid today.

We did some grocery shopping and cleaned up the van.

I went for a swim in the park pool – have missed that for the last couple of weeks. It was wonderful and I spent well over an hour just lazing about in the water. I finished a letter to friends. John mostly relaxed at the computer. Intermittently through the day we wondered what was happening with S.

I made a pasta and mushroom stroganoff from my Quick Meals book – it was excellent.

At night, S phoned. She is back in Port Moresby. She was wait listed for a flight that left today, but at the last minute that got elevated to a firm booking. Others missed out, but S was in the company of some influential people! So, all ended well.

11-26-1998 cane toads in lamp light.jpg

Lots of cane toads outside the van in the night light

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