This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels October 29

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A really pleasant day today – not too hot and humid.

The caravan park is really emptying out now. When we arrived, there were half a dozen vans in this part of the park. Today, there is only one other, apart from us.

I cycled to the shops for bread rolls and a paper, while John worked on finalizing big letters he has written for various people. This involved getting the printer out from under the bed, setting it up and printing off copies of his letter. It tends to become rather a major production, occupying most of the flat surfaces in the van!

When I got back from the shops, occupied myself by starting to clean the inside of Truck – fairly superficially, because I didn’t unpack the back seat contents. But swept and dusted surfaces and cleaned out the parcel shelf across the front. We have, as usual, picked up a fair quantity of red dust from our recent travels. Whatever the virtues of Defenders, being dust proof is not one of them!

After lunch, John went to bowls. He had an average sort of game.

I cycled back to the shops, posted some letters I’d written, and bought a Powerball entry. That took my kms cycled today up to 9.5.

When John got back from bowls, I finished off my Truck cleaning by putting Armorall on the vinyl surfaces inside.

Tea was sausages and vegetables.

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