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1998 Travels October 26

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We did not get up particularly early, but had planned to drive to Cairns today, as there were a whole lot of odds and ends to do.

We drove via Mareeba and Kuranda. It took us 75 minutes – one of the things we had wanted to do was time this trip, without the van on, for when we have to take Truck down there in an early morning, for its service. John had phoned Trinity Motors on Friday, after we got here; they cannot fit Truck in until Friday.

At Tandy and Dick Smith, we bought a weather station, printer ink refills and paper. I had a lovely long browse in my favourite craft shop, and bought a book on hardanger. Went to the book exchange and spent $15 stocking up, after I’d returned my surplus.

We hadn’t planned to buy the weather station, but after recent experiences, and wondering how hot some days did get, it seemed as if it would be an interesting addition to the gear in the van.

I put my films from the trip west in for processing – will collect them on Friday.

Checked at the Cairns PO – there was a letter from RH, our computing friend.

Went to the Outdoor Centre to look for foam to go under the cushions on the van seats, to make them feel less hard on our rear ends. We will have to measure for what we need – why didn’t we think of that first?

Bought some lunch and ate it whilst walking around the Pier area where it was a bit cooler. Cairns felt like being in a sauna! It is amazing how much more oppressive it has become in just a couple of weeks.

It was good to drive back up the range – could feel it getting cooler as we went.

Collected our mail from the Atherton PO. There were letters from both K and V – lovely. There was also the mobile phone bill, which was not so lovely. We must cut down its use – drastically!

Tea was cold roast lamb and salads.

Having experienced the differences in temperature today, we are very happy that we chose to stay up on the Tableland  and not return to Cairns.

After dark, there was a little bandicoot, foraging around outside the van. We have a light on a pole not far from the van and it was under that. Do bandicoots eat dead insects? I thought they dug up plant roots. Maybe it just wanted to see what it was doing?

10-28-1998 bandicoot near van Atherton.jpg

Our little bandicoot visitor

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