This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels September 29

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I walked to the local shop for the paper – some more exercise. John slept in.

After lunch we went to Stratford and practiced bowls for a while. I concentrated on improving my rolling of the jack, which is very unreliable, rarely straight or of the distance required. And too often out of bounds. It looks easy but………

Back at camp, we rode to the Smithfield shopping centre, for exercise. Almost 12kms.

Discussed and firmed up our ideas for the jaunt to the west: Undara to see the lava tubes; Mt Surprise to fossick for topaz; Karumba; Normanton. If it is not too hot may continue as far as Mt Isa. We will leave on Sunday, after we watch the TV coverage of the election count, on Saturday. John has had his sport on TV, I want my politics!

I went to the Office and extended our stay until Sunday morning. Cost keeps going up – now $17 a night, because we are not on a weekly rate.

Tea was a tofu and ginger soup followed by a stir fry of vegies and tofu, to use up the rest of the packet. John was not impressed! He is the one who wants healthy, so bad luck!

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