This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels September 25

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I rode the 2km circuit to the shop for the morning paper, while John slept in.

After breakfast, we drove to Cairns centre and checked at the PO for mail. There was none. I thought the other children might have sent cards.

At the fish co-op bought fish for John’s tea – snapper.

We drove up the range to Kuranda, for something to do, where we walked and looked around, again. It is so geared to tourism, in a not-very-pleasant way. Seems a bit tacky. We drove around the outskirts, looking at the types of houses tucked into the green and lush bush.

The Kuranda road up the range is not too bad – it winds around and has only one lane each way, but Truck will tow the van up with no problems, when the time comes.

I cooked home done chips and the fish for John. I had dim sims, as I did not like the fish last week.

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