This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels September 14

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It was a hot day and a little humid.

After breakfast, drove to the city. Called in at Stratford Bowls club on the way for John to see if it was ok for us to practice there, and it is. He booked us in for a game there on Wednesday.

At the PO, collected mail from R with John’s Fathers Day present – a book: Great Working Dog Stories. She also sent lots of ALP election propaganda!

I left a film for processing and picked it up after an hour.

We drove over to the fish co-op and bought some tropical fish fillets. I bought groceries, wine and beer, and got some cash money – all very mundane! We spent about $120 on these supplies.

After lunch, John was back to his TV watching. I dried some rather elderly Roma tomatoes – they were only 99c a kilo and dried well.

I went for a long swim in the afternoon. It is nice to be able to swim regularly. That is one benefit of being here, rather than at Wonga Beach.

Tea was fried rice.

V phoned to finish our conversation from yesterday. She wants me to send her a bread recipe – being about 100kms from the nearest shops has motivated her in hitherto unthought-of ways

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