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1998 Travels September 10

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It was still raining when we got up. That made it a little easier to leave – I think?

Our pack up was straightforward and we had a pleasant, calm, drive to Cairns. The scenery along that coastal road is so brilliant. We stopped at Mossman to stock up on fruit and vegies at the roadside stall there – spent $24.

We had pre-booked at Lake Placid Caravan Park, and were given a very nice site with a cement annexe  slab and big, shady mango trees nearby. This site is so much better than the one we had at the park we stayed at, earlier, in Cairns. The park has emptied out a lot, from when we saw it when visiting H and M here, so guests are spaced out nicely. Our fees are $100 a week, which works out at just over $14 a night.

We set up for a lengthy stay.

Lake Placid Caravan Park is across a road from the Barron River, and it is quite “bushy” in the area around it. However, there is a general store type shop not far down the road, and we are fairly close to the big newish Smithfield shopping centre. The road past the caravan park is a dead end, a bit further up, so it is a quiet place.

I had a dentist appointment at 3.30pm to have the root canal filling finished off. This cost another $320! It has certainly been an expensive exercise.

On the way back to camp, got some groceries – $27 worth. Now that we are back where shops are conveniently near, will have to be a bit careful with our spending. That said, John bought a power adapter and some TV cable for $21.

I made zucchini slice for tea – can cook this in an enamel pie plate inside the electric frypan, on the table outside the van.

Phoned K after tea to report our location, and had a long conversation. P has had another car accident (she wrote off a car of K’s a couple of years back). J offered to contact a nephew to get assistance about the car insurance, for K. Apart from that, all is ok at home.

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