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1998 Travels August 29

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I felt a bit better again today, but still a bit feeble and needing regular rests and naps.

John went to the local shops and bought milk and papers.

John went to bowls at Mossman in the afternoon.

I did some putting of photos into the album, which was about the extent of the activity I felt like.

It rained really heavily, for half an hour, late in the afternoon.

The two men John played with have agreed to enter a Triples competition with him, in Cairns, in mid-September. Now that John’s aerial repairs have improved his TV pictures, he is happier about staying on here; as it is such a beautiful place to be, I would like to stay much longer. However, John thinks the Mossman Bowls Club is pretty poor – he reckons Cairns is much better for bowls. As you would expect it to be, given their relative sizes!

So – I do not like my chances of persuading him to linger here as long as I’d like to. I found Cairns uninteresting, earlier in the year. I love having the beach here, to go for long walks on, and we do not have to go far to visit some great spots.

Tea was apricot chicken and rice.

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