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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels August 15

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Much of doing little again, on a hot and humid day.

It seems less crowded now, but I guess it is just a temporary lull. No one else in our clearing has been here as long as us. It is so nice to have the time to just savour the place and do nothing much, rather than having to race in, cram in whatever activity there is, then race to the next place.

Had to buy another box of beer.

After lunch, went driving in the other direction – west – and found a small track to the next bay along, where we fished. No bites at all.

08-05-1998 cape york tip.JPG

The very top of Cape York

Tea was the same as last night.

There are big tour groups in Bays 6,7,and 8. They have a “determined to enjoy this” aura about them, though some Japanese girls are clearly not enjoying the queues for the few showers! I have to time mine carefully, because they “visit” the shower in this Bay, to try to avoid the wait in their own. There is one group that has a bush poet performing around their campfire at night. He is not talented.

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