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1998 Travels August 10

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Today is our 7th wedding anniversary!

We were woken about 3am by a loud hailer. It took us a few moments to work out what was going on. It was directing the barge from Cairns to swing on its anchor, in order to dock! The loud hailer bit was reminiscent of me doing bloody bus duty at school! There is a big boat in the front yard, again.

08-10-1998 01 Seisia there's a barge there.jpg

Big barge, small barge, moon and Red Island Point, from our camp

We made an easy pack up, especially considering the length of time we have been here: the longer we stay in one place, the more stuff is strewn around.

I have loved our time at Seisia – for the magical outlook to the islands. Could never get sick of that.

Drove into Bamaga, aiming to try to get some fruit and vegies. Some fresh stocks from the barge had been unpacked. I also got some reduced “bargains” from old stock – mandarins and capsicums.

We moved to Punsand Bay, on the rough roads. Here, we had to pay $16 a night but there was no power, and no free seventh night. We could only choose our site from within two of the ten bays – tour operators and groups were using all the others. They surely do not encourage the independent traveller! The lady operating the office was a real sour puss.

We chose a site in Bay 9. It has some shade, shelter from the wind, and a tiny view out to sea. It has an ageing amenity block of 2 toilets and one shower. The shower water obviously flows across the floor to combine with the grey sand that is the ground here, to create grey mud. Not the most attractive amenity. The doors and walls are rotting. I guess the climate up here is tough on such structures, and getting repairs done would be very costly.

After we got set up – big tent again – and had lunch, we drove back to the Tip – as we had promised ourselves, last year, we would do on this anniversary.

There is a track goes from Punsand, across to the Tip track, roughly parallel to the coast, so we did not have to go back to the Lockerbie section. It is narrow, winding, and rough. We saw a big snake – python? – on the track and it slowly moved off.

At the Tip, walked out again, as we had before. Took more photos. Managed to climb up onto the cement 44 gallon drum base of the sign – bit of a squeeze – and have a fellow traveller take our anniversary photo up close and personal with the sign.

08-10-1998 02 Cape York tip on wedding ann.jpg

Today, the sea was rougher, but looked more blue, at the Tip

08-10-1998 03 us at tip.jpg

On our wedding anniversary

Gazed once again at the views. Then retraced our route. We encountered the Unimog from Hell coming the other way and had to back up and find a place we could squeeze in beside the track to let him pass. He did not even acknowledge us. Arrogant pig of a man. The vehicle was making heavy going of the track. Then we had to keep stopping on the track, to clear all the tree branches and debris his too-large vehicle had pulled down onto it as he passed. I was uncharitable enough to hope he’d done himself some damage!

Lazed about for the rest of the afternoon. This is a good place to camp, in that it “feels” positive. It does not have the wonderful, direct sea views of Seisia, but has a better atmosphere. It is a bit crowded though. We will stay here for a week, and just enjoy the place. Having gone to the trouble of getting up here, we want to enjoy being here, rather than rush back south again. I doubt we will be back up here again, so really want to make the most of it.

I discovered there is a green tree frog living in the toilet. Must make sure to always check, in and around it, before sitting down! I guess this is another local who does not like the tourist season.

I made John an omelette for tea, with the last of the eggs. I had some salad. Not a great anniversary feast, but maybe we can have a belated meal “out” when we are back in civilization again. We did open our final bottle of Yellowglen bubbly. I am a bit surprised it has survived these roads intact. Well, bottle intact, the taste not quite so much!

At night, with the tide in, can hear the sea clearly, which is nice. Could also hear much noise from a party of young drinkers, in Bay 10. A couple in our bay, but nearer to them complained to them. Eventually, they settled down, but it was pretty late.

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