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1998 Travels August 4

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We did not do a great deal today, but there was a lot of enjoying just being here.

I did do the washing – machine at amenities. $3.60 a load. Wow.

John’s “boat” disappeared sometime during the night. It must have slid away quietly – or else the wine we drank while moon watching helped us sleep very soundly!

08-06-1998 05 Red Island Point,Seisia.jpg

Red Island Point from Seisia camp. The empty barge landing is just around the corner of the beach.

We strolled up to the barge landing/jetty and watched some people fishing. Saw a Jeep Cherokee parked there that looked like that of our broken down neighbours at Weipa, so left a note under the windscreen wiper.

Drove into Bamaga and bought lunch rolls at the bakery – they had multi-grain because the bread mix came in on yesterday’s barge. There is a list up on the bakery wall of people who owe the shop more than $400 each. How long does it take to run up a bill that big?

I have noticed that the shop staff we have encountered are locals – but Islanders, who seem very  efficient and capable. They seem to be dominant over the aborigines up here.

John went fishing after lunch, off the barge landing,  and caught a long tom and a sweetlip.

The Jeep did belong to the people from Weipa. They came into the landing after a day trip on a boat to Thursday Island, saw John and went and spoke to him. They then came round for a chat. Said the TI trip was a bit boring. It took an hour on the boat each way, and the sea was rough on the way back. It took a day under 3 weeks of waiting for them to get the Jeep repaired in Weipa! They came up the Bypass Roads then! They are staying at Umagico campground. They said the Punsand/Pajinka road is very rough.

The people we saw at the Jardine Crossing came in and camped near us. They went to the Top yesterday, and camped overnight in what they said were filthy conditions at Pajinka, which is really no longer functioning, then came on here today. They have to go back to the Top again, though, because their video camera battery went flat. No power at Pajinka to charge it. They are rather slaves to that camera.

08-06-1998 01 seisia camp.jpg

Our Seisia camp

Later in the afternoon, the man who was camped, with dog, at Vrilya, also came in and camped at the other side of the shelter – R and dog Portia. We all got talking.

08-04-1998 late day seisia.jpg

Late afternoon outlook from our camp – low tide in the Gulf

I cooked John’s catch for his tea, with fries. I had a tin of tuna.

It is coming up to a full moon. Doing the long walk at night, to the amenities block, is thus very pleasant.

There do not seem to be many biteys around here.

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