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1998 Travels July 26

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John bowled all day in the Calcutta event. I had Truck, after dropping him off at the Club.

I read for much of the day. Came across a couple whom we had talked with when we were at Kalpowar. They are on their way back from the Top. Their rubber ducky boat thing that was on their roof rack at Kalpowar, had gotten too hot in the sun here at Weipa, on the way up, and had blown its bung, so they’d left it here to pick up on the way south. They recommended staying in the campground at Umagico but said it was not really clean. They had camped out at Vrilya Point too.

At 4pm, I went to the Bowls Club, by prior arrangement with John, who wanted me to take some photos on the digital camera of him bowling. He wants to look at his style to see if he can improve it. He was in a team with a couple of people fairly new to the game. The won one game, but lost two. However, he enjoyed the day more than he had anticipated and found the people much more serious about the day than he had expected, after the other night. His lunch was provided, as was a finger food tea after the event. He scored a stubby holder and a badged bowls cloth.

07-25-1998 Bowling at Weipa.jpg

John bowling at Weipa

There was a brilliant sunset tonight. The smoke that has been around for a few days is causing good sunsets.

I had some vegie and barley soup for my tea.

John came back from the Bowls Club with a story about a well known TV personality, who does programs about surviving in the bush.  He was filming up this way, recently, and bogged his Landrover and damaged it, near Weipa. He retired to the Bowls Club, and drank, while others tried to fix the problems. Then he spat the dummy and flew south. The story goes that the vehicle had several Engel fridges in it – full of frozen meat packs and NON bush tucker!

This morning, I extended our stay for another day – this cost $16.

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