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1998 Travels July 17

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We had the usual slow morning start. It takes a while to get the fire going and boil up the water for breakfast washup – and chores like that.

Late in the morning, when we judged the tide would be out, we went back to the fishing area. John crossed the river on the exposed muddy bed, and managed to retrieve the rod, which was tangled up in the thicket of roots. He thought the culprit might still be on the end of the line, but pulled in only its broken end. Fish, hook etc all gone.

07-18-1998 02 rod is in those roots.jpg

The fishing rod is lodged in the root tangle

07-18-1998 04 john crossing at low tide.jpg

John ploughing through the muddy creek bed, using piece of tree as support

07-18-1998 05 John extricating rod.jpg

John retrieving the rod

Obviously, the big fish that took the rod had swum upstream and around the bend, towing the rod, which caught in the roots when the fish went round the corner.

We lingered on there, to watch the tide turn. It comes in quite quickly. It was after 3pm by the time we got back to camp for lunch. Measured it today – it is 5.5kms from camp to the fishing place on Breakfast Creek.

07-17-1998 02 Silver Plains Tidal Creek.jpg

Low tide in Breakfast Creek

John cleaned up the rescued reel. Hopefully, it will work properly again, after its immersion in the salty water.

Tea was barra – coated with flour and oil. Was ok, but not my best method for cooking it.

Another solar shower for John. Bucket and flannel in the tent for me! We have been getting water from the nearby creek for washing and cleaning purposes – it is ok for that.

Another sound night’s sleep was had. We are definitely getting used to the night time noises here. Lots of insect noises and some birds.

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