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1998 Travels June 29

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We had a relaxed day, today, enjoying the sunshine and the laid-back air of the town. Watched the many birds that inhabit the caravan park.

This is the start of the 26th week of our trip – half a year, already!

We went for a walk around some of the streets and tracks near the caravan park, which is on the eastern edge of the town, where it merges into the forested slopes of Mount Cook. The neighbourhood is a mix of houses, vacant blocks, and bush.

Drove to the shops for bread for lunch, to the PO to check and where there was a letter from R. I found a camera shop/film processor and put in the roll of film I finished up on Grassy Hill. Went to the bowls club, where there was life, after all, and John booked us in for bowls on Wednesday afternoon.

After lunch, went for a drive to Finch Bay. That road skirts the southern side of the Botanic Gardens – which appear to be mostly bushland. At Finch Bay, we walked on the little beach.

Then drove back into town again, parked Truck and walked along some of Charlotte Street – the main street – looking at some of the beautiful old buildings there. Cooktown began, as a port, when gold was found at the inland Palmer River, in the 1870’s and there are a few substantial buildings that have survived from those times.

06-30-1998 02 historic building Cooktown.jpg

Some of Cooktown’s grand old buildings

We browsed in the Croc Shop, where I bought a Cape York map. There is no shortage of tourist souvenirs up this way! Apparently there is another Croc Shop, too – on the Cape, half way between Bamaga and the Tip. There is a sign in the window of the Croc Shop that warns of a million corrugations in the road between Cooktown and the Tip of Cape York! I hope not.

Collected my photos – the man did an excellent job – which covered the time from our day at Wangetti Beach, till here.

Drove up Grassy Hill again, to watch the sunset. Was worth doing. Being on the east coast, this was not a sun set into the ocean, but a fading of the light to soft pinks, greys, blues, very muted and gentle.

06-29-1998 03 Grassy Hill dusk view nth.jpg

Looking along the coastline at dusk, from Grassy Hill

06-29-1998 09 dusk from grassy hill cooktown.JPG

The sun setting over the Battlecamp Range – from Grassy Hill

There was no wind at the caravan park tonight, so it is not a daily event, after all.

Tea was a risotto – pumpkin, sage, olives and parmesan. Not bad – but probably more to my taste than John’s! It was followed by some paw paw I bought today.

My knee seems a bit better – at least I have managed today’s fairly modest activities – and the back seems to be improving.

John is cross that we did not bring the caravan up here and so have more comfort here. But we had to take to the tent sooner or later, and I am very happy with our secure Wonga van storage.

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