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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels June 25

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A fine, warm day.

We drove into Mossman for some supplies. On the way, there was much burning of sugar cane, prior to harvesting. I presume this is done to clear out undergrowth and vermin?

06-25-1998 sugar cane burn.jpg

Burning sugar cane, prior to harvest, near Mossman. The foreground area has already been harvested and ploughed over, in preparation for the next planting

John spent the bulk of the day organizing tax paperwork and financial records. It is quite complex this year, because of our ceasing work, termination payments and the like.

I went for a walk on the beach, and did some embroidery.

I went and saw manager T and paid for an extra couple of nights – $12 with no weekly rate. He is happy for us to leave the van stored here, while we are up Cape York. He has promised to keep a very close eye on it and said that it will not cost a great deal. We are quite happy with this arrangement. The van will not be connected to power, of course.

Tea was flake done in a wine/garlic marinade, with salad.

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