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1998 Travels June 7

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This morning, decided to take ourselves up to Lake Morris, for a picnic lunch.

The Lake Morris Road was a very scenic 16km drive, up a narrow, winding, steep road, with some awesome drops to the side. My side! At several points there were excellent views over much of Cairns and around to Mt Bartle Frere. From up there, it is very obvious how the original and main parts of Cairns are built on the relatively narrow coastal plain between the mountains and the sea.

06-07-1998 cairns from lake morris road.jpg

Cairns, from the Lake Morris road. The CBD is in the distance, marked by a couple of taller buildings

Lake Morris, also called Copperlode Falls Dam, is the main water supply for Cairns. Freshwater Creek, which flows behind our site in the caravan park, is the outlet creek from the dam.

The picnic area was very pleasant. We wandered about for a while, enjoying the outlook over the lake. Encountered H and M, who were also sightseeing. Had our lunch, then returned to camp.

I prepared our meal for tonight: steak, mushrooms, potatoes baked in foil, pineapple salad. A fruit and cheese platter was dessert. We ate outside the van – have to, as there is no room for more than two inside. Used Rid copiously. I burned mosquito coils too.

We all had a very pleasant and relaxed evening, with no shortage of things to talk about. I think this is one couple we could possibly travel with, on some future trip.

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