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1998 Travels June 20

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Today is another sightseeing day, for me – since I have been signed up for bowls tomorrow! It was overcast, but warm, all day.

We drove north, this time, to Daintree, through a mix of farmland and forest. Daintree village is tucked in a big bend of the wide Daintree River. It has a real counter-culture atmosphere about it – in a nice way. It is a quaint little village. But not too remote, because I was able to buy the Australian.

We spent some time in the wood turners’ gallery, which had excellent products – inspirational for John. Some items were very tempting. Saw a possibility to buy for John’s niece for her wedding present. There were some things made from a most unusual timber, light on the outside, but a vivid orange on the inside. We were told it was conkerberry – have never heard of it.

We went down the hill and looked at the famed Daintree River. There were Daintree cruises on offer, but we weren’t sure we’d see much that couldn’t be seen from land.

Drove alongside the river, for some distance, upstream, to the ford that is the start of the CREB Track – a rough track that goes north towards Cooktown. Not for us! We had lunch at the ford and watched a 4WD group crossing it.

Then went back through Daintree and off in the other direction, to where the vehicle ferry crosses the Daintree River. This is the only means of access to the areas north of the river – Cow Bay, Cape Tribulation, Thornton Beach, and the Bloomfield Track that goes north to Cooktown. There is no bridge. The ferry works on a cable.

06-22-1998 01 daintree ferry.jpg

The people and vehicle ferry crossing the Daintree River

We visited the Croc Shop that is set up by the ferry crossing, selling souvenirs mostly.

Watched the ferry going back and forth. The river is wide at this point, not far from its mouth, and very suggestive of lurking crocs. It is surprising how quickly the river becomes big, downstream of Daintree Village, considering how small it is at the CREB Track ford. I presume it is tidal in this lower section.

Lazed around for the rest of the afternoon, at camp.

Tea was prawns and avocado.

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