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1998 Travels June 17

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Today was a rushed one. There was quite a bit to be done, and John was determined to go to bowls in the afternoon! He still is feeling the cold’s effects,  but not that much!

Back into the city to collect our scripts, as there was not time yesterday, after the film. There was a glitch. I’d assumed I could just get three months’ worth, with repeat vouchers for the rest. They didn’t tell me yesterday that there are no repeat vouchers on Reg 24 scripts – it is all or nothing. When that was sorted, they said the order would not be ready until the afternoon.

To a film shop to buy a stock of film to take north. The one I went to yesterday did not have enough of the brand and type of film I wanted.

Did a final mail check at the PO – not being sure which family members might have sent us mail directly here, rather than through the home mail bag system.

Back to the fish co-op to stock up with prawns, squid and flake – $26 worth.

John went off to bowls. I cleaned the van and did as much packing up as I could.

When John got back from bowls, it was a quick race back to the chemist to collect six months worth of our various medications – my blood pressure pills, HRT patches, John’s anti-inflammatories. Plus aspirin. That little lot cost us $238!

Equally quick whizz around the supermarket – a big shop for supplies for the Cape trip, but only the items that will keep. I am not quite sure yet where the perishables will come from. It was my most expensive grocery shop of the trip, to date – $166. The budget is taking a massive hit, this week!

Tea was a chicken and kumara stir fry, with honey and sesame seeds.

Early night – I was exhausted!

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