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1998 Travels May 17

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In the morning, discovered that, despite applying Rid yesterday afternoon, we had both been affected by sandfly bites – big time! Our legs and arms are coming up in the usual red, itchy lumps and little blisters. Obviously, the sandflies are really bad here and made worse by the recent rains. Funny how the tourist propaganda never mentions sandflies!

We drove to the bowls club, so John could check out events. He booked us both in for a game this afternoon. He has discovered that there is a Masters’ Bowls event happening here, later in the week, and wants to be in that. Our Airlie stay will be longer than first thought.

Then went on to the shops. Most of them were closed, which slightly surprised us, in this tourist centre. Went for a walk on the Esplanade, behind the beach. It was very quiet – the back packers must all be sleeping off last night.

The view across the bay was beautiful – the sky and the sea were both silver-grey, with no visible horizon division between them. The islands and yachts seemed to be floating on nothing.

05-16-1998 airlie beach view.jpg

The boats appear to be floating on air!

After lunch, went to bowls. We played in a fours event. It was alright, I guess. The locals at the club were really friendly. Most that we spoke with had been here about ten years, and considered that the place has developed a lot since then! We think it is still rather an undeveloped place,  compared to Noosa, or Hervey Bay. We did not meet anyone who had been born and bred locally.

The sandflies homed in again about 4pm. We were on the lookout for them, this time, and slathered on heaps of Rid, and put on clothes that covered the legs and arms, as soon as we got back to the van.

Tea was bread and cheese with a Greek salad.

John found that turning off the fridge improved the TV reception – a little. This is not something I really approve of, but the damned TV must take priority!

The sandfly bites made for a restless, uncomfortable night.

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