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1998 Travels May 7

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Spent the day getting ready for the Fraser Island trip.

I did a couple of loads of washing.

John had hoped to play bowls in the afternoon, but did not get booked in, in time, which was probably fortunate. On the way back, he bought diesel for 67cpl.

We had to unpack a lot of things from Truck and work out what to take, and what to leave in the van – which was quite a lot! The camping on Fraser is unpowered, so we do not need any of the electrical stuff.

Packed a couple of changes of clothes and enough food for our time there. I planned fairly simple meals.

John put up the small tent, so he could trim some shadecloth we had to size, to go under it to protect the floor from stones and sticks. He burnt peg holes in the appropriate places, then packed it all up again. We took down the van awning to store in the van while we are away – in case of storms.

While John finished packing Truck, I cycled to the supermarket to get some food items needed. I was a bit late going, and wound up riding back in the dark, trying to juggle supermarket bags hanging from the handlebars. I cycled 6.5kms. Not one of my better efforts, especially where the road surface was very rough. We will not take the bikes to Fraser – too much sand for riding! They will join a heap of other stuff to be stored in the van.

Late in the day, people arrived into the on-site van opposite us. They’d just had three days on Fraser and gave us quite a bit of advice and information. They particularly emphasized the need to be dingo aware in camp – apparently the dingoes are very bold about taking anything edible from camps, even to the point of running in and grabbing stuff while people’s backs are turned!

The wild dingoes of Fraser Island are regarded as a pure strain of the species, because they have not interbred with domestic type dogs, like those in most of the rest of Australia. So it is important that they are protected. Unfortunately, like any dog, they will not pass up the chance of easy food, and irresponsible or careless campers have made them into a bit of a nuisance around the camp areas.

I made spaghetti carbonara for tea.

Fairly early night – we were both really tired. Today had been hard work.

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