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1998 Travels April 19


Now that the weather has improved, I did three loads of washing. It has been building up, waiting for drying weather. Costs $2 a load, here. I washed the van floor and did some general tidying up.

John made sinkers. I did some embroidery. Got the dry washing off the lines, in the afternoon.

In the late afternoon, we headed off to the Peregian Bowls Club for their Twilight Bowls and BBQ sausage tea. The BBQ came first, at 4.30 – paid $1.50 each for a sausage on toast – seems they do sausage sizzles differently up here.

We played a pairs game and drew it. The people at the club, and playing, were very casual and friendly, which made it all more enjoyable.

There were a few clearing showers while we were bowling, which made the grass heavy to bowl on.

It was dark by the time we were driving home, and pleasantly non-humid, for a change.

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1998 Travels April 18


We used the alarm to get ourselves out of bed at 7.30am.

It is Eumundi Market morning, and we wanted to get there not too long after they started. Eumundi is a village some 20kms away, with street stall markets on Saturday mornings, promoted as a major event in these parts. Markets are still a bit of a novelty for us, too. Eumundi has a number of historic buildings and the stalls are centred around the former railway station.

It was quite a large market display. Many of the stalls were similar to others we have seen, but there were a few “different” ones. For example, a stall selling wall hanging plaques made from varying tones and textures of brass and copper, mostly of native birds and animals. They were big – up to a metre across – selling for hundreds of dollars, with one over a thousand. Real craftsmanship.

Saw some good value cotton clothing, but resisted purchase. But I could not resist buying a little green plaster frog, to be a mascot for the van – it cost $6 and will sit on the ledge above the bed.

What we did buy was bananas, pineapples, macadamias, custard apples; the prices seemed quite cheap.

The markets were crowded and busy. We were not able to park very close, so had to limit our purchases to what we could comfortably carry – probably a good thing!

When we’d had enough of the market and felt we’d looked at most stalls, went driving. Continued down the highway, then across to Mooloolaba, then followed the coast back to Noosa. That southern part of the Sunshine Coast resembles a mini Gold Coast, it appears, compared to the area around Noosa which has a more rural atmosphere.

Stopped at Noosaville for some groceries, meat and the paper.

Had lunch back at the van – crumpets, followed by our first ever taste of custard apple – yum. It is, however, a fruit that tastes much nicer than it looks!

After lunch, John busied himself making fishing sinkers. He’d brought moulds with him, and lead. I had to sacrifice one of the old saucepans from Truck, that I use on campfires, for melting the lead. It was a DYI challenge for John, that occupied considerable time. I wasn’t prepared to have the lead melting happening on the van stove, so he had to unpack the camping stove from back of Truck, and hook that up to one of the camping gas bottles.

04-19-1998 making sinkers tewantin.jpg

It works!

I read the papers, embroidered.

For tea, made guacamole, using the last of the avocadoes bought from the Tweed roadside stall; they have kept well. That was served with bought corn chips and followed by sausage rolls I made – again utilizing the van’s oven.

It has been a mostly fine day, for a change. I was pleased that we got to go to the markets, given their promotion as a local feature for tourists. Worth seeing once, and worth revisiting for fresh produce at great prices. We drove 130 kms today.

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1998 Travels April 17


The day was a grey one, with rain for much of it, though it had eased a bit, and wind.

John decided there had been enough days spent in the van and decreed we would go fishing along the Teewah Beach. He has been itching to drive Truck on the beach over there, since he found out that access is via ferry from near here..

We got the vehicle ferry across the Noosa River, which cost $4 each way, then followed a muddy, corrugated track through the scrub, to Teewah Beach. We drove north along the beach for about 20kms, maybe  a bit more. I think we were about half way to Double Island Point, at the northern end of the beach. The tide was out and there was firm sand to drive on. There were plenty of others doing the same thing. We did not need 4WD and at times reached speeds of 40-60kmh.

04-17-1998 02 Teewah Beach driving conditions.jpg

Driving conditions on Teewah Beach

We drove as far as the Coloured Sands. These cliffs of differently coloured sandstone layers are interesting and would be very photogenic on a better day.

We gathered pippis from the sand. One sees a sort of bubble in the tracks made by the vehicle, and digging there produces a pippi. We did not use all that we gathered, but took the surplus back to the van to freeze for future use as bait.

John caught a dart.

I spent most of the time, while John fished, snug in Truck, knitting. It was too wet and uncomfortable outside for me. At times, John had to retreat to Truck due to heavy rain periods. He occupied himself by fiddling with the HF radio. One of these days, it may be mastered!


Rain coming in – Teewah Beach

Returned the way we came. I had spent some of the afternoon worrying about whether there would still be firm sand to drive on if the tide came in! Should learn to relax more.

It was dark by the time we got back to the ferry.

John hosed down under Truck, to get sand and especially salt, off. There is a washing bay facility at the servo at Tewantin. Then he drove to get tea – it turned out to be a pizza because the fish and chip shop shut at 8pm. He also hired a video.

Apparently, this week, we have had a total of eight and a half inches of rain! Over 200mm. That is roughly a quarter of what we get at home in a whole year.

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1998 Travels April 16


It rained all day. Don’t know if this sort of weather is normal for these parts.

John’s other hip has been causing him pain at times, over the last couple of weeks. This is a very bad sign! He went to a local doctor today to get some anti-inflammatories, and is back on the Surgam again.

He then made bread – his first venture into this. He made a loaf and six little rolls. We ate the latter for lunch. It is very nice – wholemeal, but not too heavy. It will keep us in lunch bread for a few days. The van oven seems to bake well.

Did a quick trip to the shops at Noosaville for some supplies.

I spent much of the day writing, sewing, reading, doing cross words.

Tea was scrambled eggs and bacon, on toast.

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1998 Travels April 15


It was another damp day – drizzly and misty, but still warm.

John decided we should go for a drive – a gesture for me. We have a sort of agreement that I tolerate bowls demands, and take part in same, and in return he does the sightseeing and walking that is how I prefer to fill my time.

But the day was really too misty and raining for the purpose, which was really obvious from the outset! We saw a lot of wet bush. Drove to Cooroy, Pomona, Kin Kin, Boreen. We did see a lot of small acreage, hobby farm type of places. The country side might have been quite pretty on a better day. We wound our way through a lot of back roads.

I bought some fruit at a shop in the village of Pomona. This looked like it would be interesting to explore, on a better day. Kind of “alternative”.

Ate our sandwich lunch at Elanda Point.

The drive was 106kms.

I made a very nice chicken stir fry for dinner.

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1998 Travels April 14


It rained steadily for most of the day, but was still warm.

This dictated indoor pursuits, apart from a brief drive to the shops for supplies. Computer things, letter writing, diary update, filled the day.

Once I’d seen the first cane toad, I started to see them frequently – around the garden edges, especially in the lights at night. Also squashed on the roads in the park – lots of these – guess the rains have brought them out.

We are being visited by regularly calling butcher birds, who come and sit on our outside table and warble beautifully in the hope of being fed. I keep a collection of bits of meat offcuts and bacon rinds for this purpose.

Tea was steak and salad.

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1998 Travels April 13


Easter Monday.

We played bowls at the Noosa/Tewantin Club, all day. It was the third day of their Easter Tournament – mixed fours. The team we were in, with another couple, won the first game by 2. But we lost the second by 15. It was an awful game. There was the usual bitchiness that I’ve found common amongst female bowlers when at their home clubs, however a few of them were very nice, so that was better than usual!

It was very humid in the morning. In the afternoon, there was a steady build up of dark thunder clouds, followed at dusk by a lot of thunder and lightning, but no rain.

When we got back from bowls could see that the numbers in the park have really thinned out – great!

For something different for tea, we had pita breads, heated up bread rolls, and three dips I made – avocado, tzatziki, and a cheddar and gherkin one. Also the left over salads from last night.

Had an early night. I was exhausted.