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1998 Travels April 13

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Easter Monday.

We played bowls at the Noosa/Tewantin Club, all day. It was the third day of their Easter Tournament – mixed fours. The team we were in, with another couple, won the first game by 2. But we lost the second by 15. It was an awful game. There was the usual bitchiness that I’ve found common amongst female bowlers when at their home clubs, however a few of them were very nice, so that was better than usual!

It was very humid in the morning. In the afternoon, there was a steady build up of dark thunder clouds, followed at dusk by a lot of thunder and lightning, but no rain.

When we got back from bowls could see that the numbers in the park have really thinned out – great!

For something different for tea, we had pita breads, heated up bread rolls, and three dips I made – avocado, tzatziki, and a cheddar and gherkin one. Also the left over salads from last night.

Had an early night. I was exhausted.

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