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1998 Travels April 17

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The day was a grey one, with rain for much of it, though it had eased a bit, and wind.

John decided there had been enough days spent in the van and decreed we would go fishing along the Teewah Beach. He has been itching to drive Truck on the beach over there, since he found out that access is via ferry from near here..

We got the vehicle ferry across the Noosa River, which cost $4 each way, then followed a muddy, corrugated track through the scrub, to Teewah Beach. We drove north along the beach for about 20kms, maybe  a bit more. I think we were about half way to Double Island Point, at the northern end of the beach. The tide was out and there was firm sand to drive on. There were plenty of others doing the same thing. We did not need 4WD and at times reached speeds of 40-60kmh.

04-17-1998 02 Teewah Beach driving conditions.jpg

Driving conditions on Teewah Beach

We drove as far as the Coloured Sands. These cliffs of differently coloured sandstone layers are interesting and would be very photogenic on a better day.

We gathered pippis from the sand. One sees a sort of bubble in the tracks made by the vehicle, and digging there produces a pippi. We did not use all that we gathered, but took the surplus back to the van to freeze for future use as bait.

John caught a dart.

I spent most of the time, while John fished, snug in Truck, knitting. It was too wet and uncomfortable outside for me. At times, John had to retreat to Truck due to heavy rain periods. He occupied himself by fiddling with the HF radio. One of these days, it may be mastered!


Rain coming in – Teewah Beach

Returned the way we came. I had spent some of the afternoon worrying about whether there would still be firm sand to drive on if the tide came in! Should learn to relax more.

It was dark by the time we got back to the ferry.

John hosed down under Truck, to get sand and especially salt, off. There is a washing bay facility at the servo at Tewantin. Then he drove to get tea – it turned out to be a pizza because the fish and chip shop shut at 8pm. He also hired a video.

Apparently, this week, we have had a total of eight and a half inches of rain! Over 200mm. That is roughly a quarter of what we get at home in a whole year.

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