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1998 Travels March 24

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Wishful thinking about the cool change as it is another hot day.  It is more humid – some cloud too.

Another trip to Namadgi National Park today. We enjoyed the last one so much that we want to go back for further exploration.

Followed the same route as last time. Had our sandwich lunch at the starting point for the Settlers Hut walk, on the Old Boboyan Road. We passed an intriguing old homestead on the way up that side track; it looks as if it might still be used.


Near Tharwa – the Murrumbidgee River

Cycled down the Old Boboyan Road. It was quite hilly and rough, with some sandy patches, for the first 6 or 7 kms. I had to walk up hills a few times. My bike chain came off at one point, but I managed to get it back on myself, as John was some way ahead. Grubby hands!

We got to the point we reached from the other end, the other day.

Then out in this place that felt really isolated, we met another cyclist. He suggested to us that we continue up the Naas valley for a way, to where there was an old hut. He seemed a little strange and made me uneasy. He said he brings his family here sometimes, but did not seem to really be familiar with the geography of the area. He said that he was going for a walk – that he was in the habit of leaving his bike and walking.

We did ride up and have a look around the hut, and rode a little further up the valley, which was very pretty. But I was uneasy, and John shared the feeling, so we turned back. Could not see the walker. I was glad to be away from that area.


Snow gums in the Naas Valley

We found the ride back much easier – the rough stuff was easier going downhill.

In the distance, across a valley, we saw what appeared to be a couple of dingoes. Wondered how pure the strain is, in these parts? One would assume considerable inter breeding with wild dogs.


Pastoral era remnants in Namadgi National Park

We cycled 25.5 kms – a substantial ride in these conditions.

Back at the van, John packed for his Melbourne trip. He is just taking the day pack.

He phoned S and arranged to go there for tea on the day of his return. When he told me, I pointed out that it would be quite late, as the bus is not scheduled to get in until 8.20pm. He had thought it was earlier, so he was cross. He had to phone back and make a later time to visit.

Tea was salads.

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