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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels March 2

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Weather hot again.

Today was a driving day, going around to clear up a lot of oddments. It was also a spending day!

Had to visit our bank to arrange some investment details. We went to Knox Hospital so John could have yet another blood test – this one would be a final check so that his “donated” hip could go to the bone bank. Rather a gory thought.

After that, going to the Miners Den shop was a pleasant experience for him, because he bought himself a new metal detector – much improved on the one he bought back in 1993. What did I say earlier about having all the gadgets? John plans to use the detector to look for gold, when we are in those sorts of areas, but also has thoughts of maybe finding coins on beaches, in camp areas, and the like. He thinks he will have more success with this one.

At the RACV Shop, I bought some maps and a book about Tasmania; only $6.50 for the lot. Office Works yielded some computer programs for John. From a camera shop he bought a carry case for the new digital camera. Bought new tyres for my bike.

We visited home.  Farewelled P and K, for the last time for a year. They are not able to come to John’s farewell dinner, as K is rostered to work. P already has her wedding dress, a whole year ahead. They have firmed up plans for a USA honeymoon. The pool has gone a pale tinge of green, but K assures us that this will be rectified soon – that his future father-in-law, who “knows about these things” has it all under control. Hmmmm. K has had plenty of instruction from John, over the years, so should be doing it himself. Anyway, out of our control, now.

We went back to the van, after driving 150kms doing all these chores.

Friends G and N came out to look at the van, as they are thinking ahead to retirement travels. They stayed for a couple of hours. I then phoned another friend, and arranged to have lunch with her on Wednesday.

Tea was left over risotto, and fruit.

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