This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels March 14

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Today was refreshingly cooler.

I drove to the shops, parked Truck well (yes – me!) and bought the Saturday Age. It cost $2.75 – air freighted. I really should switch to NSW papers, for economy’s sake! Bought a damper for lunch, put a film in for printing, and bought some hose fittings John wanted.

After lunch, John was off to bowls, at one of the Queanbeyan clubs.  He enjoyed the afternoon.

I read. Then phoned home; spoke briefly to P, then – pleasant surprise – to my daughter, who is staying there for the night. She has picked up some outdoor education camps work, has done two and is about to head off to Gippsland for another. We discussed their immediate plans and also those for when they go across to Perth – they hope to pick up outdoor ed work in the SW, or else get mine jobs up Meekatharra way. It was great to chat with her again.

Talked with K about hotel accommodation for John, for the night he will be in Melbourne.

Tea was fish and chips, which John went and got – but I cooked my own flake, bought this morning.

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