This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels February 7

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Woke to a chilly, wet day, with gusty winds at times.

After breakfast, drove to the town centre, only to find that there was go-kart racing through the town, and some of the streets were closed off. We had to do more walking than we’d intended!

Bought the Saturday papers and some groceries. Watched the go-karts for a while. Smelly. Noisy. Rather boring. But there was a good crowd turnout along the streets.

It was so cold that I dug the electric fan heater out from under the bed and we used it through until bedtime!

Spent the rest of the day reading, writing, vegetating. John watched the opening of the Winter Olympics on TV.

That drilling rig is providing me with quite a focal point – watching it, trying to work out what it is doing there. Interesting!

Tea was a cold weather meal, given the change: corned beef, vegies and white sauce, followed by strawberries.

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