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1998 Travels January 28

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I didn’t get up until 8.45, and John not until 9! There was no sense of urgency to get away with such a short distance to go, but even so! Began the pack up at 9.45, got away at 10.45. John thinks an hour to do that is still too long. I am not sure we can cut it down by much.

Hitching the van to Truck was quite straightforward again.

We drove to Nelson via Digby and Dartmoor, and from Dartmoor almost to Nelson on a minor road.

Went into the Kywong Caravan Park, where our powered site was $12 a night.

We are on a large, “bush” site, with shrubbery on both sides. It is a big park, with only a few other occupants, though there are a number of permanent vans. There are no outside lights near us, so it will seem lovely and dark at night. The amenities are large, and clean; they have a sort of a keypad on the door, into which one must punch a code – I have not seen this before. It is different to the usual keyed lock.

It took us a while to set up the camp again. I still do most of it because John can’t manage lifting or heavy work. We both  need to work together to put up the awning – that is quite time consuming. It slides into a sail track fitting on the side of the van, and then we have to put it up with five poles along the front, and they need pegging down. We did not have a fixed, pull out awning put on the van, for a couple of reasons – had seen some where an awning on the poptop pulled it off line. Our type of awning is more secure if a wind storm comes up when we are away. But the penalty for this is the time and effort involved in erecting the thing and taking it down.

After lunch, John de-greased the bikes, which had picked up a lot of dust on the dirt roads of the Grampians, when up behind the Truck.

Then we went for a ride to explore the village, which did not take long! Continued on, out to Ocean Beach – that part was quite hilly and tested John’s leg. We rode 12.2kms.

For tea I made hamburgers and we had those with salad and strawberries to follow.

01-28-2998 hamilton to nelson.JPG

Our back roads route from Hamilton to Nelson – & a couple of our Hamilton drives in red

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