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1998 Travels January 21

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Another greyish morning and another sleep in until 9.30am.

John had hoped to be called to go to bowls, via the Park office, but wasn’t.

After breakfast, took to the bikes for the first time in Hamilton. Rode the bike path alongside the Grange Burn, as far as the Portland Road, although a couple of times we had to follow nearby streets as the path petered out. Returned the same way – was about 3kms each way. Then continued on around Lake Hamilton – quite a pretty ride. This lake is much smaller scale than Lake Wendouree was. Then rode to Safeway for lunch rolls. Rode 13.6kms altogether.

After lunch, drove to the bank to see if they could help with my Visa card problem. No, they couldn’t – I would have to contact the credit union direct. No help!

We felt like a tour, so drove south through Macarthur to the Mt Eccles National Park, 7km from there. It has been somewhat better developed than it used to be – better signage and the like.

From the Lookout, the water in Lake Surprise was a vivid light green – very pretty. Mt Eccles is an extinct volcano, whose last eruption was fairly recent, as these things go. Lake Surprise is in the volcano’s crater.

01-21-1998 01 Lake Surprise Mt Eccles NP.jpg

Lake Surprise at Mt Eccles National Park

There were some vivid blue wrens hopping about in the bush around the carpark. I tracked one for a few minutes to try to get a photo – and got bitten by an ant for my efforts!

We did the lake edge walk, which involved going down a lot of steps, which John managed really well. We did lots of bird spotting along the way, which made for a stop-start walk and gave him plenty of rest chances. The bird watching adds a great extra dimension to walking, even if it does mean carrying binoculars and bird book. The day was a bit too warm for comfortable walking, though. Tomorrow will be a total fire ban day.

We went to have a look at the campground there. It is in scrub and timbered country – basically bush sites that are alright, but I can’t really see why people would want to camp there. However, a couple of groups were, including one with a campfire going! This is dangerous because the surrounding country is so dry. I wouldn’t camp there, but would visit as day trips from Hamilton, Portland or Port Fairy.

The canal and tunnel walks sound interesting for another visit. These are lava canal type formations.

Had a late tea of spag bol – about 8pm.

It was a nice, balmy evening with a slight breeze.

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