This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels January 18

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Warfarin reduced to 2.5 today.

It was much cooler today – good.

John decided we would both do bowls practice, after breakfast, so we spent a couple of hours doing that.

Paid $15 for Top Tourist Parks membership.

After lunch, went for a ride around the Lake and through Victoria Park, managing 12.3kms. I do like having the speedo on my bike that also measures the distance I ride.

There were neighbours in the van parked next to us, when we got back. It is the first time there has been anyone in that parked van, since we have been here. The people are rather older than us. They had been up to Tathra, without their van. They came from Daylesford and sold their house to travel, having just had 8 months in the west and centre, last year. They are planning to go up the Cape in April – we may cross paths up there.

We are moving on tomorrow, after two weeks here. We  took the Truck out and topped up with diesel, for the first time since we left home. It cost 74.5 cents per litre.

I roasted a chicken, but tried doing it in the electric frypan, which worked really well, and saved heating up the van and using up our gas. The chicken fitted in the high-lid pan, with the vegetables around it. Really nice, too.

We did some packing up in the early evening, putting some things back away in Truck.

Phoned K to let him know we are moving on.

There is so much extreme weather happening around the country – we have been quite lucky to date, I think. Tasmania has bad bushfires now, and there are so many places with extreme heat, storms and fires.

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