This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels January 15

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After breakfast, cycled once around the Lake – 10kms.

Drove to the town centre, and went to the RACV office, where I bought some Cape York maps.

I went back to Sovereign Needlecraft and bought materials to start doing Hardanger embroidery – material, cottons, needles, small scissors, and a couple of instruction books. It seems to be an embroidery style that is intricate enough to need a long time to complete a piece – just what is needed in my new life of leisure!


This is an example of Hardanger embroidery

After lunch, John went to bowls.

I walked across to the Botanical Gardens and walked through the Conservatorium display. As it was done for Xmas, it is a bit faded now. There were some interesting hydrangeas and fuschias on display, though.

After tea, while it was still light, John and I went for a walk in the Gardens, which included a stroll down the path that has, on each side, bronze busts of all the Australian Prime Ministers.

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